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Ciaran Clark
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Hayley Cordingley
If you are not going to consider splitting the outcomes of the Research Assessment exercise from determining the proportion of £ each Institution gets, how can we promote collaborating rather than competing with "rival" institutions? I think it was Finland that has a different £ allocation models that promote co-operation vs competiton.
Katrina Clifford
Q: To what extent do you think having to adhere to the Open Access requirements impacts upon the research being put forward? I can imagine that institutions potentially did not submit items that would have been highly rated simply because of the low tolerance levels for non-compliance (especially where a number of factors can influence whether an item is compliant or not)
Dominic Dean
Q: Should the grading system change and if so what options might be considered? A 1-4* scale is arguably pretty crude and the system encourages institutions to be conservative in submitting what they judge to be solid 4* outputs. Perhaps a more granular scale might change that for the better?
Mandy Thomas
How will this review affect the production of the new Open Access policy which was expected to be published by 6 months after the new UKRI policy?
Catriona Firth - UKRI RE
Link to the GRC report on responsible research assessment: https://www.globalresearchcouncil.org/news/responsible-research-assessment/
Mandy Thomas
Benchmarking has been removed from the criteria for the future system. Why?
Ciaran Clark
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Hayley Cordingley
How concerned are the speakers
Hayley Cordingley
How concerned are the speakers with ensuring that DORA and other Responsible Metrics initiatives be core to the UK Research Assessment exercises going forwards?
Anna Hobbs
Catriona -sorry if you covered this and I missed it but do you have a time line for the consultation and when we might know what the next assessment might look like?
Phil Ashworth - UofBrighton
How do you intend to keep assessors on-side with any future evolution/revolution because they surrender nearly a year of their life (and career) to serve on assessment panels? And this is beyond what they have already contributed in their own institutions as research leaders
Katherine Blackadder
To what extent is the future assessment of impact likely to deviate from assessing (only) 'achieved' impact (measured in terms of 'reach' and 'significance', which can be reductive and/or subjective)? Is there scope for assessing in terms of the quality and effectiveness of impact activity more broadly, for example, against a framework such as the ISRIA ten-point guideline?
Mandy Thomas
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Hayley Cordingley
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Alis Oancea
Thank you very much to everyone for your questions and comments
Katherine Blackadder
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